SKY HIGH CHOOS is a platform that was created for passionate, driven & curious individuals who are ready to embark on their journey to success. Achieving your goal is never an easy task, however by connecting and developing relationships with professionals and entrepreneurs who have attained their own level of success, you will be inspired and motivated to never give up on what is most important to you.

SKY HIGH CHOOS a blog that I have created with the goal of demonstrating to you how anything is possible if you want it bad enough. Turn your dreams into goals, plans into action and failures into experiences that make you stronger, wiser and more capable of taking on the situations that lie ahead. Through my perspective, experience and knowledge that I have developed over time, I will put on my fashion lens and uncover the most competitive industry, give you examples of how to leverage the tools you have in front of you and to leverage the opportunities around you in order to achieve the highest level of success! I am opening up myself to you to give you first hand example of how anything is possible if you work hard. Afterall, to become the McQueen in the industry, you need to be innovative, eccentric and dedicated to doing whatever it takes to reach the top. Sky High Series will give you an inside look into the lives professionals, entrepreneurs & bloggers who have made an impact, frequent blog updates on real life situations that you could be motivated & inspired from to follow your dreams because in order to achieve that level of success, you must differentiate yourself from the rest.

In a competitive and cutthroat industry, your limits will be tested. Don’t let the industry take over you, rule it ! After all, Riccardo Tisci did when he unleashed his Rottweiler…